About Us


we do?

We establish and form the connection between cryptoeconomics and the real sector in the sphere of charity.

Directory of funds

We form the lists of only large charitable foundations with a reputation that have proven themselves, representing the accounts and having the opportunity to accept crypto currency.

Expert opinions

We collect and create information material that contributes to the development of charity in the field of cryptoeconomics.

Token Brother

The Brother token is used in loyalty programs, rewards, and compensates for advertising costs. Also, the Brother token is integrated into widgets and translation systems and on exchanges as a charity.

Widgets for donations

We strive to actively interact with services for the integration of widgets that allow to carry out charitable contributions.
Funds on the world map
География проекта постоянно расширяется. Добавьте фонд в проект, станьте волантером.
USA representative offices and branches
In the American jurisdiction, the funds' foundations from all over the world operate.
Europe - Initiatives and Development
Europe is loyal to the crypto-currencies of the Commonwealth. In this direction, several initiatives are developing, which are soon implemented on the pages of this site.  


We have a transparent vision of progress as a whole picture. Transition to the digital economy, tokenization, the introduction of blockage is a natural process of social development. Our mission is to maintain the connection of «figures» with the real sector of the humanitarian needs of society. The mission has its value due to the digital industry’s ability to «tear off the ground and fly to the clouds.» Without the proper effort, such a connection between «heaven» and «earth» is easy to lose.


The digital gnosis easily carries people’s consciousness to the non-material space. Immersion in games, trading, virtual reality creates the illusion of separation from the real world, the illusion of solving all problems. The more painful it is to return in case of illness or other reasons. Our mission is to warn about the growing danger of alienation from the problems of the real world, the urge to attentive and responsible attitude to the environment.

Reminder of the need to keep in touch with the neighbor and needy is our mission.


To save someone’s life is to find the meaning of one’s own. Those who once helped save the life of another person can tell a lot about the meaning of these words. They gain even more meaning when life is saved to you. Belief in humanity and humanity, the preservation of openness, the ability to trust, love and compassion, work and cost a family — all this depends on whether they helped a person or left him alone with pain.

Do not leave alone, help and save life — our mission.


Helping people from all over the world, each of us eliminates barriers and prejudices that separate us. We all live on the same planet Earth, the world on which creates a safe environment for all. Militancy, hatred is shared and the planet is exposed to the risk of destruction. We see the future prosperous, and the ambitions of people directed into space.

Charity, donations to people in other countries — gives birth to peace in the heart and a sense of the unity of all mankind.


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