The partnership of Brother and Podari.Life

The BROTHER Crypto Project and the Podari.Life Charitable Fund have entered a partnership for the sake of improvement and development of the mechanisms of interaction of digital crypto economy participants with the real Charity sector.

This is one of the few areas of contact between the digital future and the real world of today. And this contact saves lives and helps real people in need.

One of the development stages is the launch of the website — the center of integration of crypto society and charitable foundations from all over the world.


About the Podari.Life Fund

The Podari.Life Fund was established in 2015, and it has the same mission as its elder «sisters» — the «Podari Zhizn» Charitable Fund (Russia) and the «Gift of Life» Charitable Fund (Great Britain) — to do everything possible to ensure that every child, every young woman, every young man suffering from oncohematological diseases can receive the most effective and advanced treatment. PodariLife is the first charitable fund connected with Russia that started accepting cryptocurrency donations.

Since November 2017 the Fund has received over 176 bitcoins, and also several BitcoinCash and Ethereum donations. Initially, it was supposed that the PodariLife Fund would be engaged only in providing education for doctors and in some rehabilitation-related programs. But now, thanks to cryptocurrency donations, the Fund can also buy the necessary medicines which are not available in Russia and pay for surgical procedures.

During the first several months of the year 2018, the Fund has spent almost half a million dollars for such programs, and it all became possible only thanks to the cryptocurrency donations.


Additional information and details for making a cryptocurrency donation Foundation

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Virtual Money = Real Help

At the end of 2017, the charity fund «Give Life» announced the news about the possibility of accepting donations in the crypto currency.

And on February 12, 2018, he published the news «Virtual Money = Real Help». We bring it completely.

February 12, 2018
It’s been only four months since we started accepting donations in cryptocurrency and the results are really amazing. More than 175 Bitcoins have been donated to Podari.Life to the moment!

But the most important thing is that virtual money have already become real help. We are ready to tell you the stories of those whose treatment has been financed with the help of the bitcoins you donated! These are only three stories, but in fact your help gives dozens of chances for recovery.